5 Personal Financial Goals for 2013

Last week I was interviewed by a writer for Elizabeth Street, a website for "stylish moms" with great tips on various topics such as health, shopping, children's books, and recipes. She wanted to share a few simple financial goals for the new year with her readers and reached out to me for some ideas. 

Though there is so much that we can cover in terms of financial goals, we decided to narrow it down to five that are really essential but also easy to get started with!

  1. Track your monthly expenses
  2. Set aside six months of fixed expense as an emergency fund
  3. Try to save an additional 1% for retirement
  4. Contribute to a 529 plan
  5. Teach kids about money

Please click here to view the article. I really enjoyed being able to contribute to this article written for an audience that is close to my heart. Many of my family members and friends became first-time moms in the past few years, and it's such a blessing to be able to share in their joy, and to help by contributing a few financial tips for their growing family!