Our Services


Financial Planning and Investment Consultation Services

While we do offer comprehensive financial planning services for each client, our clients can choose specific areas of financial planning that they would like to focus on for our engagement.


Because each client’s situation is unique, our fee for all financial planning and investment consultation engagements are based on an hourly rate of $210. After we have discussed your situation during our initial consultation, we will agree on the scope of our engagement and can provide you with an estimated fee.


Power Planning Sessions

Our power planning sessions are limited‐scope engagements designed to assist you in determining how best to invest your time with an advisor. These in-person sessions are 90 minutes in length and generally focus on more pressing issues you may have. Typically this service works well for clients who want help with cash flow and budgeting, as well as figuring out a plan to pay down debt and save for retirement and other financial goals. There will be some preparation done prior to the planning session. Most of the work is completed during the 90 minutes, and a summary will be sent to you shortly following the session to address key points that had been discussed. The fixed fee for this type of engagement is $570. You may also choose to re-engage your financial planner for additional power planning sessions or other services offered at a later date.


Educational Workshops

We provide educational workshops for groups that cover various topics in investments and personal finance. Topics may include issues related to budgeting and saving, debt management, education and estate planning, retirement strategies, or various other topics such as Biblical stewardship. Our workshops are educational in nature and do not involve the sale of insurance or investment products. If you have a group of colleagues, friends or members of an organization who are interested in learning more about a particular financial planning topic, we would be happy to provide an educational workshop for your group based on our hourly rate.